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Saturday, 19 October 2019

Advice is weird. There’s a lot of it floating around basically all the time. “Advice for aspiring writers” or “advice for debut authors” are terms I have, at times in my career, muted on twitter because none of it is ever absolute. Your mileage may vary in a very very big way. No advice is […]

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

I’m thrilled to share that I’ll have a story published in the Common Bonds anthology of aromantic stories celebrating platonic relationships out 2020! I can’t wait to share NOT TO DIE with you all and introduce you to my grumpy fiber witch, upbeat flower vendor, and the otherworldly market that brings them together!

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Tarnished Are The Stars is, at its core, a queer adventure story, but it also deals with some heavy topics, many of which could be triggering to some readers. I have included a list below of overall content warnings with minimal spoilers, and beneath that I have included a more detailed explanation with chapter numbers. […]

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Sunday, 28 October 2018

I’m so excited to share with you Be Your Own Mentor, a program designed to help writers revise and get query-ready on their own! As an alumn of Pitch Wars, and a current Author Mentor Match mentor, mentorship is a huge passion of mine. My co-creator, Rachel Griffin, and I see incredible potential come through […]

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I remember when I first started thinking about writing as a career sifting through blog after blog, reading the success stories of other writers. They ranged from pretty standard to downright wild, but they were always inspirational; they always had a happy ending. I dreamed of one day being one of them, of one day […]

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Rosiee Thor is a YA speculative fiction author with a degree in medieval history, and a superhuman love for bread. She spends most of her time hiding from the Oregon rain and trying to persuade her cat to love her.

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