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Fire Becomes Her
Fire Becomes Her

In Rosiee Thor’s lavish fantasy novel with a Jazz Age spark, a politically savvy teen must weigh her desire to climb the social ladder against her heart in a world where magic buys votes.

Flare is power.

With only a drop of flare, one can light the night sky with fireworks . . . or burn a building to the ground — and seventeen-year-old Ingrid Ellis wants her fair share.

Ingrid doesn’t have a family fortune, monetary or magical, but at least she has a plan: Rise to the top on the arm of Linden Holt, heir to a hefty political legacy and the largest fortune of flare in all of Candesce. Her only obstacle is Linden’s father who refuses to acknowledge her.

So when Senator Holt announces his run for president, Ingrid uses the situation to her advantage. She strikes a deal to spy on the senator’s opposition in exchange for his approval and the status she so desperately craves. But the longer Ingrid wears two masks, the more she questions where her true allegiances lie.

Will she stand with the Holts, or will she forge her own path?

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Praise for Fire Becomes Her

“Ambitious and heartbreaking, Fire Becomes Her flares brightly against the backdrop of speakeasies and political intrigue. Rosiee Thor weaves a lyrical and smoldering story about how the things that burn the brightest are the most beautiful . . . and the deadliest. A must-read for fans of Roshani Chokshi and Libba Bray!” —Ashley Poston, author Among the Beasts & Briars

“This fiery story gripped me from the very first sentence. With gorgeous prose, an endearing group cast, and magic so vivid it crackles on the page, Fire Becomes Her will enchant you. A lush, vibrant fantasy.” Rachel GriffinNew York Times bestselling author of The Nature of Witches

“A candid exploration of wealth and politics, as well as the ways relationships and people bend and form under society’s expectations. Replete with a tightly woven plot, a main character every bit as sharp and eloquent as Thor’s writing, and a glittering Roaring Twenties vibe, this book burns brightly.” —Kalyn Josephson, author of The Storm Crow duology 

“Readers will revel in the glitz and allure of Fire Becomes Her. In a world where magic can be bottled and power sipped, Ingrid Ellis is burning with the desire to prove that she is more than a bootlegger’s daughter. Full of political intrigue, a nuanced cast, and a fire-ocious heroine, Rosiee Thor’s sophomore novel is as addictive and beautiful as flare itself.” —Emily Lloyd-Jones, author of The Bone Houses

“A heady blend of intricate politics and addictive fantasy in a world where political power is reserved only for those with magic and old money. A vibrant examination of class and the consequences of privilege, Fire Becomes Her features one of the most satisfying morally gray main characters in years.” —Linsey Miller, author of the Mask of Shadows duology

A lush political fantasy with a delightful cast. The perfect read for anyone who likes watching ambitious girls set things on fire.” —Mara Fitzgerald, author of Beyond the Ruby Veil 

With its exquisitely crafted characters, rich, evocative imagery, and tightly woven plot laced with political intrigue, Fire Becomes Her is both captivating and enthralling. Readers will love Ingrid and this vivid realm of fire and magic.” —Carly Heath, author of The Reckless Kind

“An absolute tour de force. It’s so easy to fall in love with its spitfire protagonist and her ragtag group of friends; Thor’s prose sears directly into your heart. The political underpinnings allow this book to spark, but it’s the queer platonic partnership that makes this book burn brighter than anything else I’ve ever read. So sit back, drink some Flare, and let this set your heart ablaze.” —Cody Roecker, Barnes & Noble Tanasbourne, Hillsboro, OR

“Full of yearning, ambition, and magic abound, Fire Becomes Her is the perfect read for anyone whose young heart was overflowing with many wants. Rosiee Thor brings their signature blend of queer found families, political intrigue, and characters you immediately want to wrap up in a blanket and protect at all costs into another delightful tale about blazing your own path and finding comfort in your chosen spaces.” —Kalie Barnes-Young, Barnes & Noble at the Grove, Los Angeles, CA

“As a bookseller, my absolute favorite thing is handing a book to a kid and being able to say, ‘Here is a book with people like you in it. Here is a book by people like you. Welcome home.’ So when I tell you to drop everything you’re doing and pick up Fire Becomes Her by Rosiee Thor, I need you to understand how big of a priority this book is. It has everything I could ever want out of YA and more: found family, political commentary, snark and sass in spades, and prose that brought me to actual, real tears on multiple occasions. More than that, though, it made me feel seen. I’ve spent so much time over the years wishing to see myself in the stories I consumed, wanting desperately to find characters and authors who think about love and forgiveness and hope the same way I do. This is that book, and these are those characters. I am going to put Fire Becomes Her in as many sets of hands as I possibly can. If you read just one book this year, make it this one. Make it a story that sees you, the way this story sees me.” —Laura Speake, Gibson’s Bookstore, Concord, NH

“Inciting, lyrical, and heartwarming, Rosiee Thor’s sophomore novel brings to life a vivid Jazz Age–inspired world that, while fantastical, is at its political core not so different from our own. A deliciously heart-pounding queer adventure, you won’t be able to keep from falling in love with Ingrid and her patchwork group of friends and joining their fight for equity. Emotionally gripping through the very last page, Fire Becomes Her solidifies Rosiee Thor as a queer YA fantasy powerhouse.” —Quinn Stitt, teen librarian