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TATS Pre-Order Campaign

Hello there! Thanks for your interest in the TATS preorder campaign! This campaign is open to everyone! Just fill out this form 🙂

The pre-order campaign includes:

  • TATS Bookmark (US Only)
  • One full set of double-sided printed character cards (US Only)
  • High-res digital character cards (US and International)
  • Deleted scene (US and International)

Print items are available for shipping to US addresses only (sorry–shipping is expensive!) and will be sent out as responses are received while supplies last.

Digital items are available for everyone–US and International. They will be sent via email. The deleted scene will be sent on release day, but character art will be available immediately.

If you are a librarian or bookseller, no need to send a receipt! I want you to have swag–you do lots of hard work! If you are having a book club or event and would like additional swag, please reach out to me directly through my website form.