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Announcing Be Your Own Mentor

I’m so excited to share with you Be Your Own Mentor, a program designed to help writers revise and get query-ready on their own!

As an alumn of Pitch Wars, and a current Author Mentor Match mentor, mentorship is a huge passion of mine. My co-creator, Rachel Griffin, and I see incredible potential come through the submission inbox every year, but mentors can only pick one submission to work with, and there are always talented writers who aren’t chosen. This program is for those writers who are ready to revise, who want to put in the work and make their books as strong as possible but just don’t know where to start.

Through our weekly posts, writers can revise with helpful advice and worksheets from mentors, and get their novels query ready on their own! To read more about Be Your Own Mentor click here or follow us on twitter @byomentor.

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